NCO Report - April 2019

Presented at the AGM on the 5th of April 2019

It is a privilege to be called into this role at this time.My first 6 months transitioning into the role has been largely about forming relationships and getting a sense of where CECEAA is at as an organisation. It has been great to reconnect with old colleagues as well as forming new relationships. Spending time with Thelma was helpful to identify the successful developments over the last few years as well as the current challenges from her perspective.  It has been exciting to see how the bicultural perspective has been developed in a very authentic and genuine way over the last few years.  Our desire as an exec is to ensure this continues to develop. 

It has been challenging to become familiar with the systems and processes. I appreciate the support of Thelma, Liza, Phil and Jenny who have given me guidance to get the systems up and running.  

It has been good to understand how the budget is currently working and the financial viability of the organisation.  As an executive we are currently in the process of looking at ways this may improve in the future.

It is invigorating being around the Early Education Federation and ECAC table and I am beginning to make connections with the key people represented at these meetings.  It is fantastic that CECEAA has a voice at this level .  During these meetings it has been valuable to contribute some my previous experiences around evidence based learning in the early years and teacher wellbeing as these have been current topics of interest.  

As an executive we have identified that we need to ensure our regional support is functioning well.  It has been encouraging to see some growth in this regard. Some of our regions are starting to really build connections and support each other. The most valuable PLD is often not about attending a one off course but having the opportunity to engage in professional dialogue with like-minded trusted colleagues.  Within our member centres we have a rich knowledge that can be shared. “Most organisations utilise only a portion of the knowledge, experience, and intellectual capital that they have accessible to them, however, a healthy organisation will do it’s best to tap into all that is available”.(Lencioni, 2012) This is definitely an area we will continue to work hard to strengthen and develop. 

The word God gave me when I started this role was very clear. ‘When there is unity I will command a blessing’. I believe one of the reasons I was given this mandate of leadership was to help bring unity within this organisation. The development of the THRIVE document that will be launched during our Leadership Hui is a tool that can help people open up transparent dialogue and discussion and move forward in creating a genuine feeling of unity. If we can create a strong Christ-centred organisational culture within individual centres and collectively as an organisation, then we are in a strong position to make a difference in this nation with children and families. When the organisational culture is strong, other Christian tools that support excellent learning and teaching can be developed. It would be great to nurture a coaching culture where centres can support each other in their journey as leaders and teachers. 

It has been a privilege to respond to centres who have sought advice and guidance from CECEAA.  It has been good to think of ways to provide on-going and practical advice to ensure our member centres are able to keep developing.

 In an organisation such as this we felt gaining intercessory prayer support would be a positive step. We are delighted thatLlyn Gammin, the original visionary and National Coordinator of CECEAA, has been able to commit to praying for our organisation.  It has been a privilege to reconnect with Llyn and hear her discerning heart for this organisation.Graham Preston has also taken an active role to intercede and cover our organisation in prayer. 

As an organisation we look forward to further innovative and creative ways we can continue to support our members to celebrate what it means to be a Christian teacher and to understand what this looks like in practice. It is our desire to create a strong community of learners.

“For His body has been formed in His image and is closely joined together and constantly connected as one. And every member has been given divine gifts to contribute to the growth of all; and as these gifts operate effectively throughout the whole body, we are built up and made perfect in love” (Ephesians 4:16, TPT).


Melody Stuckey