Papua New Guinea update

Sherry has recently joined the team at the CLTC kindy as a teacher aid. CECEAA has generously given $1000 to make it possible for the kindy to employ her.

Sherry is not new to working at the kindy. Employed there around 18 years ago, Sherry then had a break to raise her five children. Sherry and her husband Wanare have been at Christian Leaders Training College since the late 1990s. Wanare is the nurse at the centres   ‘haus sik’- medical centre. They both come from the Eastern Highlands province. 

Lucy and the teachers at the kindy are delighted and grateful for the support CECEAA  has given them. Though many miles away, there are encouraged with the interest in their kindy. A big thank you must go to those who attended my workshop at the CECEAA conference this year and helped put together some resources that I took to PNG the following week. They loved the rain shakers, the fabric dolls and music shakers. Thank you so much. 

As teachers they are mainly untrained, but the experience they have gained over the years, their teachable attitude and passion for  teaching brings them together as a tight team  who enjoy putting into practice what they  are learning during the my twice-yearly visits. During the visit in August it was   great to see the teachers bringing live insects into the kindy for the children  to observe, having the dental nurse visit  and having so much fun with the shakers  and dolls.

By Pearl Thorp