It's autumn and winter is calling

Thoughts from our NCO

I love how the seasons reflect life. I love how they reveal our Creator God. 

Spring arrives with boundless energy as plants push through the dark earth and lift their heads towards the sun and spring rains; beginning a dazzling display of blossoms, beauty and colour. Summer sees plants established, rich colours, heady perfumes and buds appearing with the promise of the fruit to come. 

A blaze of the fiery leaf colours ushers in autumn. Fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds mature ready for harvesting. Colours fade as the weeks go by, the rains come, the winds strengthen and the air cools. Wood is gathered and fires glow in the early evening. Winter is the resting season! Colours seem dark and sombre. Nature sounds are quiet and the landscapes appear cold and bleak. 

However, it is a time of the unseen, a time for renewal and rebirth. A time of waiting for what will come in the spring. I have mentioned it at other times, that the seasons reflect life. 

As I look back on my time as the National Co-ordinator I began in Spring, have experienced the summer and am now in the autumn period, a time of moving towards the end of my time, my winter, in this amazing role.

Thelma Chapman