Amazing Scholarship Opportunity At Bethlehem Tertiary Institute

Early Childhood Educator Scholarship

In recognition of our recently signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Christian Early Childhood Education Association of Aotearoa (CECEAA), BTI is offering a scholarship for our Master of Professional Practice programme to an early childhood teacher who wishes to further explore the way their faith can more actively influence their professional practice.   The scholarship is worth just over $10,000 dollars and is for a start in the July intake.  The scholarship covers tuition fees for the first paper, MPP841 Being Christian, Being Professional and then the cost of half of the tuition fees for each subsequent paper in the ensuing 18-24 months after that.  The Scholarship recipient would be responsible for Levies ($324 per paper). 

If you are interested in finding out more about this scholarship please email our National Coordinator - Mel Stuckey on nco@ceceaa.com 

Master of Professional Practice programme

According to our students and graduates, this programme has three key strengths: – the first is that it is wonderful opportunity to clarify and refresh your vision for Being a Christian and Being an educator. As one student commented, "The readings were definitely a ‘springboard’ that God used to shape my heart, mind and imagination.  I also developed skills such as critical thinking, finding my own voice, writing at postgraduate level."    The second is that the foci of and learning experiences in the papers supports you as you explore how your faith might influence your practice so that you are actually more strategic and intentional in that practice.  A current student noted that "I have a much better understanding of my place and purpose in God’s plan." Another noted, "It is making me ask questions about my practice; what am I doing more by force-of-habit than a thought-through examination of underlying principles."  The third is that students feel very supported and cared for as whole people –not just ‘brains on sticks’. It is described by a student as a “holistic learning journey”.  

 If you would like to know more  please ring Chelsea on 07 562 2938 or Freephone 0800 BETHLEHEM.  

Visit  https://www.bti.ac.nz/master-of-professional-practice.html where you can hear and read what graduates say about the programme, read through some example courses and the creative assignments.